Lots of console and PC games have buddy apps nowadays. They’ve been getting novelizations for years. For its upcoming Hearts of Iron IV method online game, Paradox Interactive is blending both. The Swedish publisher launched Hearts of Iron IV: War Stories today. The very first 5 chapters of War Stories are free, and the rest cost $5 each.

War Stories begins by telling World War II’s stories from a young British pilot’s viewpoint throughout the Battle of Britain, the air campaign in 1939 when Nazi Germany flew sorties and battle runs over the United Kingdom day and night. Like any Choose Your Own Adventure tale, you deciding that dictate how the story plays out.

It’s unlike anything Paradox has done in the past. And according to the publisher, it’s something they did for their gamers, as the idea behind War Stories is a natural extension of the studio’s grand strategy main courses, like Crusader Kings.

The decision to develop Hearts of Iron: War Stories was really driven by the fans of our non-mobile titles, a Paradox spokesperson said over e-mail. Our grand technique titles on PC, Mac, and Linux, such as Hearts of Iron IV, are fantastic what-if simulators. You can play as any country worldwide throughout WWII and see how your choices in the online game impact the result of the war. And numerous players of our grand method online games write fantastic stories of their experiences in the computer games.

The author is Aaron Rosenberg, who has written a variety of books based on video games, consisting of Paradox’s own Crusader Kings II and Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft and Warcraft. He’s also composed on other popular properties such as Star Trek and Warhammer.